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Share the fun of reading (week 1)

I think data visualization is not simply about turning data into charts. It's about looking at the world through data. In other words, the object of data visualization is data, but what we want is actually -- data vision, data as a tool, visualization as a means to describe reality and explore the world.

Data visualization aims to convey and communicate information clearly and effectively by means of graphics. But that doesn't mean that data visualization must be tedious to achieve its functional purpose, or extremely complex to look colorful. In order to effectively convey ideas and concepts, aesthetic form and function need to go hand in hand and achieve deep insight into relatively sparse and complex data sets by visually conveying key aspects and features. However, designers often fail to strike a good balance between design and function, thus creating flashy data visualizations that don't serve their main purpose.

First, data visualization is the evolution from massiv…