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the truthful art- part5 practice

Data visualization mainly relies on graphical means to convey and communicate information clearly and effectively. But that doesn't mean that data visualization must be tedious to achieve its functional purpose, or extremely complex to look colorful. In order to effectively convey ideas and concepts, aesthetic form and function need to go hand in hand and achieve deep insight into relatively sparse and complex data sets by visually conveying key aspects and features. However, designers often fail to strike a good balance between design and function, thus creating gaudy forms of data visualization that fail to achieve their main purpose, i.e. to convey and communicate information.

Data visualization is closely related to information graphics, information visualization, scientific visualization and statistical graphics. Currently, data visualization is a very active and critical aspect in research, teaching and development. The term "data visualization" achieves the unifi…



"We have lost some of our finest sons and daughters in the fight against terrorism, The best way to honor these fallen is to see this mission through, and to lay the foundations for peace by promoting freedom.
From the beginning of 2003 to the end of 2011, the nearly nine-year war in Iraq can be divided into two stages, namely the early stage of a brief large-scale operation phase and the middle and late stage of a long stable operation phase. Former U.S. defense secretary Donald rumsfeld has said that the main goals of the war in Iraq include removing saddam hussein's dictatorship and helping the Iraqi people build a free and democratic regime. The second is to search for and destroy weapons of mass destruction hidden in Iraq and eliminate terrorists. Third, ending dictatorship and providing humanitarian assistance; Fourth, protect Iraqi oil and other natural resources.
Draft #1 JMM 622 SHIQI WANG
Natural disasters dominate the news (These include droughts, floods, biological epidemics, extreme weather, extreme temperatures, landslides, dry mass movements, impacts from exoplanets, wildfires, volcanic activity, and natural disasters caused by earthquakes.)

The number of publicly reported natural disasters worldwide is in annual totals (From 1900 to 2000, it was a trend of growth, From 2000 to 2010, the trend was generally downward)
Decreasing tendency ---Reason? ---Elements? (What factors affect it? The economy? The environment? Science and technology? Education? Religion?) ---What are the main three factors? The economy? The environment? Science and technology? Education? Religion?
The impact of disasters on different populations is different -- the economic losses suffered by poor people from disasters only account for a small part of the total economic losses caused by disasters, but they bear the brunt of the consequences.
Most agree that investing in impro…
R is highly interactive. Except that the graph output is in another window, its input and output Windows are all carried out in the same window. If errors occur in the input grammar, they will be immediately prompted in the window, which has a memory function for the previous input commands and can be reproduced and edited at any time to meet the needs of the user. The output graph can be saved as JPG, BMP, PNG, etc. In addition, there are good interfaces to other programming languages and databases.

R is well suited for interactive data analysis by new methods in development. Since R is a dynamic environment, new releases are not always fully compatible with previous releases. Some users welcome these changes because of the benefits of new technologies and methods; Some worry that old code is no longer available.


1. Define the graphics, decide what stories you want to pass on to the reader, and what is the point.
2. There are cl…