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Research on the application of information visualization in news communication

With the rapid progress of science and technology, people receive information from the past real scene information to the current picture information, gradually realizing the information visualization in the era of big data. Therefore, more visual methods such as sound and video are used in the process of news communication to provide audiences with more detailed news events and make them easy to receive the connotation and essence of news. As people's pace of life gradually accelerates and the fast development of fast food culture, people are more willing to receive visual news.

Visualization is the theory, method, and technique of using computer graphics and image processing techniques to convert data into graphics or images that are displayed on the screen for interactive processing. In the 1990s, the computer operation interface developed from the programmed operation of text data to the visual operation of graphical interface, which made the computer develop from the profess…

The development status and trend of visual data journalism in China

Netease's "number reading" slogan is: speak with data, provide lightweight reading experience. It can be said that the core and fundamental part of data journalism production is data. The original lengthy text explanation, all with concise and clear data instead, seemingly easy, but in fact, time and effort.

One of the reasons is that, compared with the huge and miscellaneous data, netease "digital reading" column has only arranged two news editors for each piece of data news since its establishment to maximize profits. One is responsible for finding news points from huge amounts of data, collecting data and matching appropriate text descriptions, and the other is responsible for designing and making charts. Editors are not many, in order to produce high-quality products, so the output is not high.

Second, in the context of Chinese society, data are controlled by authoritative institutions with poor transparency, and data collection is by no means easy. Editor…


The biggest information that this chapter learned through personal interviews is that realistic 3D model design is needed before the visualization results appear. In short, the visual design is three dimensional space into two - dimensional plane.

Through the acquisition of 3d spatial data, the virtual real scene information is obtained. The design is carried out directly in this 3d real scene environment, which is called 3d visual design. In short, design under conditions where you can see the actual scene.

In the case of information flooding and fragmentation acceleration, only structuring can carry the overall view. However, when reading time is limited and there are many homogenous contents, charting can simplify complexity and gain insight into new trends.