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I think data visualization is not simply about turning data into charts. It's about looking at the world through data. In other words, the object of data visualization is data, but what we want is actually -- data vision, data as a tool, visualization as a means to describe reality and explore the world.

Data visualization aims to convey and communicate information clearly and effectively by means of graphics. But that doesn't mean that data visualization must be tedious to achieve its functional purpose, or extremely complex to look colorful. In order to effectively convey ideas and concepts, aesthetic form and function need to go hand in hand and achieve deep insight into relatively sparse and complex data sets by visually conveying key aspects and features. However, designers often fail to strike a good balance between design and function, thus creating flashy data visualizations that don't serve their main purpose.

First, data visualization is the evolution from massive data to human intelligence. In simple terms, data visualization can make use of data analysis to draw conclusions, but it is also possible that data cannot support conclusions because of the incompleteness of data. Data visualization is an effective method to analyze and help the eyes and brain to reality (the reality is often without basis). The information hidden in the data is just as important as the information displayed. The most important thing to visualize data is to let readers understand it, and data analysis needs to have target groups. There is no best visualization, only better. Good visual data analysis allows readers to generate ideas that go beyond the data itself.

The interesting part is that sometimes the data content the author wants to express is not the same as the information the reader receives (for example, you want to express the area, but the reader understands the height). As a result, different people see visual ICONS differently.

The presentation needs to present data in a more intuitive way than the traditional way of presenting data in tables or documents, which makes the data more objective and convincing. In various reports and illustrative documents, the data is presented with intuitive charts, which are simple and reliable. In the progress of science and technology, and society in the development, data visualization and to adapt to the demand of The Times, in addition to the data processing and data to demonstrate the full time, but also emphasize ease of use and operation humanized function, do not have a high threshold of learning, in addition to the technical staff, let more business people to understand data platform, data visualization.

The application value of data visualization, its diversity and expressiveness attract many practitioners, and every step of its creation process has strong professional background support. Visual graphics, both dynamic and static, create new Bridges for us to see the world as it really is, to discover relationships of all kinds, to feel the changes of information that surround us all the time, and to understand other forms of inaccessibility. Some visual objects are designed to observe and track data, so the emphasis should be on real-time performance, changes, and computing power, which may result in a constantly changing and highly readable chart.

In order to analyze the data, some of them emphasize the degree of presence of the data, may produce a retrievable and interactive chart, and some of them may generate distributed multi-dimensional charts in order to discover the potential association between the data. To help ordinary users or business users to quickly understand the meaning or change of data, some use beautiful colors and animations to create vivid, clear, and attractive charts. Others were used for education, propaganda or politics, made into posters, courseware, and appeared on the streets, advertising handheld, magazines, and rallies. This kind of visualization has a strong persuasive power, and the use of strong contrast, displacement, and other means can create a very powerful self-referential image. In many foreign media, designers are employed to create visual charts to assist with news topics or data.


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